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Total Rehab Orthotics & Prosthetics, Inc., is a full service orthotics and prosthetics facility. Our staff, with over thirty (35) years of experience, and facility is fully accredited to provide services for physically challenged individuals. Our goal is to bring them to their highest degree of functional independence.

Our orthotists are ABC certified and trained to fit you with the appropriate orthosis according to your doctor’s prescription. An orthosis is usually needed for support or corrections for upper and lower extremities, as well as back, neck and spine.

Our ABC certified prosthetists are trained in the latest prosthetic technology. The prosthetists evaluate, design, and oversee fabrication of your prosthesis (artificial limb). Their commitment in working with the new amputee and veteran amputee is to make sure they receive full range of motion from the prosthesis by providing gait training, maintenance and follow-up care as needed.

Total Rehab Orthotics & Prosthetics has a certified Pedorthist on staff. We specialize in diabetic footwear, custom molded shoes and inserts, and all kinds of foot and ankle bracing for adult and children. If you are a diabetic and have a prescription for your doctor, Medicare will pay for the shoes and inserts. You are responsible for your twenty percent unless you have a secondary insurance that covers diabetic shoes.

Our staff consultants are ABC and BOC certified and trained to measure and fit so as to ensure you receive the proper fitting of your external breast form and mastectomy bra. We use state-of-the-art light weight breast forms which provide a natural silhouette, softness and the assurance you need to feel and look your best.

Compression Hosiery
Compression hosiery exert the greatest amount compression at the ankle and gradually decrease in the compression as they go up the length of the leg.
Our staff consultants are trained to measure and fit compression hosiery as well as lyphedema sleeves and gloves according to your doctor’s prescription. We carry a wide range of off-the-shelf products as well as custom made products.

Soft Goods
Stump Shrinkers
Stump Socks
Knee Braces
Wrist Splints
Ankle Braces
Knee Immobilizers

Spinal Orthotics
Custom TLSO
Custom Cervical Braces
Spinal Supports

Lower Extremity Orthotics
Foot Orthotics
Custom Knee Braces

Corrective Shoes
Shoe Modifications
Custom Shoes
Diabetic Shoes

Below Knee
Above Knee
Upper Extremity
C-Leg (Computerized Leg)

Breast Prosthesis

Soft Goods
Stump Shrinkers
Stump Socks
Soft Cervical Brace
Knee Braces
Wrist Splints
Ankle Braces
Knee Immobilizers

Compression Hosiery
Custom Hosiery
Lymphedema Pumps

Durable Medical Equipment
Cervical Traction Units
CAM Walkers
Post op/Cast Shoes
Multi-Podus Boot
Heel/Elbow Protectors
Other Adaptive Aids



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